Self-Awareness: A Key Component in Test Prep

Aug 24, 2023

Self-awareness is the ability to recognize one’s own emotions, thoughts, values, strengths, and weaknesses. Developing self-awareness is essential for SAT/ACT prep, as it allows students to identify their unique areas of strengths and weaknesses and develop personalized strategies for success. Here are some key ways that self-awareness can benefit students as they prepare for the testing.

1. Self-awareness helps students recognize and manage test stress.

Test stress is one of the biggest challenges that students face when preparing for the SAT/ACT. When students experience test stress, they become distracted and have difficulty concentrating. By developing self-awareness, students can learn to recognize the signs of test stress and develop coping strategies to manage these stress levels, such as incorporating breathing exercises and other mindfulness practices. Self-awareness can also help students identify what triggers their anxiety and develop strategies to overcome these triggers.

2. Students can target their studying to their own unique needs.

Every student is different. By developing self-awareness, students can identify their unique areas of strengths and weaknesses and adjust their study strategies accordingly. For example, a student who struggles with math might spend more time practicing math problems and less time on the reading section. By focusing on their specific needs, students can maximize their SAT/ACT prep time and gain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. Students need to develop self-awareness to get in touch with their unique needs.

3. Self-awareness helps students set realistic goals for themselves.

When it comes to test prep (and any other academic pursuit), it’s essential to set goals that are both challenging and achievable. With self-awareness, students can develop a better understanding of their own abilities and limitations, allowing them to set realistic goals that will push them without overwhelming them. Setting unrealistic goals can lead to frustration and burnout, while setting achievable goals can build confidence and motivation.

4. Self-awareness allows students to develop effective time management strategies

Time management is another critical factor in SAT/ACT prep. Students must be able to allocate their time effectively, allowing for sufficient practice and study while also balancing other priorities like schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and personal commitments. By developing self-awareness, students can identify how they typically spend their time and identify strategies for making the most of their schedule. For example, a student who tends to procrastinate might need to set stricter deadlines for themselves, while a student who struggles with focus might benefit from breaking study sessions into shorter, more manageable segments.

5. Self-awareness helps students develop a growth mindset

Finally, self-awareness can help students develop a growth mindset, essential for success on their test and beyond. With a growth mindset, students believe that they can improve their abilities by working hard and persisting through challenges. By developing self-awareness, students can evolve a better understanding of their own learning styles and strategies, empowering them to take ownership of their academic progress and develop a sense of resilience that will serve them well in college and beyond.

At Onsen, we promote self-awareness through test day coaching. Students are encouraged to to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses, connect to their goals and aspirations, and find ways to strengthen their performance through self-awareness. In addition, this helps students manage their emotions and stress, target their studying, manage their time, and develop a growth mindset. As students prepare for these exams, they must be aware of their strengths and weaknesses so that they can maintain a clear sense of focus and direction. Self-awareness is a valuable tool for navigating the often-challenging terrain of SAT/ACT prep, and it can help students unlock their full academic potential. Please get in touch with us to learn more about how Onsen’s Test Day Coaching methodology can help you increase self-awareness to pursue your best score results on the SAT or ACT. 

Written by

Lourdes Galindez
Author Image A certified Ontological Coach and Bioneuroemotion practitioner, Lourdes has dedicated these last years to working with unique individuals for stress management, goal setting, and overall life success. She graduated with a BA in Journalism and Design from The New School and currently uses different communication channels to spread mindful, yet motivational, tools and ideas. Lourdes helps students prepare for test day, providing strategies, knowledge, and practices, according to each student's needs and goals, to fully achieve their highest exam potential.

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