Onsen Education Digital SAT Mobile App: Official Launch

Nov 12, 2023

We are pleased to announce the official launch of the Onsen Education Digital SAT Mobile App!

Available now on the App Store and for Android devices, this new AI-powered platform is curated and refined by our expert tutors. Offering extensive study materials in a user-friendly design, the Onsen dSAT App presents students with a gamified experience in which they can track their progress in real time and unlock personalized prep where they need it most.

Big Changes

The SAT has undergone a paradigm shift, moving from a paper-and-pencil-based test to a computer-based, adaptive assessment; you can read more about the changes in our in-depth looks at the new Math and Reading and Writing sections.

All students testing in 2024 and beyond will be taking the digital exam, and, as of this writing, there is a shortage of materials that adequately represents the structure and logical nuances of the new test. That’s where we come in.

Gamify Your Learning

The Onsen dSAT app is designed with a clean and fun UI to keep students engaged with daily SAT practice, in order to build effective habits and maximize score growth. It uses a question-of-the day format – not unlike popular daily word games – to present students with varied digital SAT content that mimics questions on the official test.

Examples of the user interface are included below.

Upon completing a question, students will receive immediate feedback on their answer, including hints and tips on how to handle similar questions.

Questions will alternate each day between Math and Verbal content and will cover every question type across both sections.

As long as students use the same device to access the app, they will be able to track their current streak and work to improve on it every day.


Track Your Progress

Students can create a free account by linking their Google or Instagram credentials, which will enable them to access the app over multiple devices and provide them a deeper understanding of their progress.

The app’s interface will display students’ strongest and weakest question types and provide them with comprehensive statistics including percentage of correct answers, average time per question, and current and historic answer streaks.

Additionally, a free account enables access to past questions so that students are able to practice even if they miss a day – and allows them to reattempt any question they initially missed. Questions are categorized by test section and content type for easy navigation.

Personalized Your Practice

In addition to a free account, students have the option to unlock the full version of the app for $5 per month.

Students who upgrade to the full version will have the opportunity for even more personalized practice. For every daily question that they miss, users will be able to access 5 additional questions that model that same skill and/or strategy as the missed question; so that they are getting specific, targeted practice every day. 

Further Info and Strategies

The dSAT app also includes links to general SAT information, testing strategies, and to sign up for the official test.

Additionally, Onsen program managers are available to help further walk families through the changes to the new test and advise you based on your student’s individual strengths. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for further information.

We wish you the best of luck on your college admissions journey!

Written by

Zachary Adler
Author Image Since 2010, Zach has been helping students achieve their college readiness goals, specializing in all sections of the SAT, ACT, PSAT, and SHSAT. Prior to joining Onsen, Zach worked for a global investment firm, as well as in various roles in the education space. He has served as a youth mentor and has run college readiness information sessions for students in under-resourced communities. Additionally, Zach is a writer and filmmaker. He is an International Baccalaureate scholar and a graduate of Boston University.

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